Refunds & Returns

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Returns Policy

We pride ourselves in delivering products to you which are of the highest quality standard. That said, for reasons beyond our control, which has not happened to date, it is possible you would have cause for complaint. 


We as a responsible award winning producer would take this very seriously which is why we have the following procedure in place to be followed.


In the event of you not being satisfied with any product, we would request your follow these instructions- you will appreciate that our products are perishable and incorrect storage and or handling can affect quality and taste.


1. Notify us immediately and no later than 12 hrs of receiving the goods- by email/phone or text- we will then notify you where to return the goods to.


2. Provide photographic evidence with an explanation of complaint again within 12 hrs of receipt of the goods


3. Return the entire product remaining with all the packaging within two days of receipt (the packaging cost for returns will be at the senders cost and only refunded if it is deemed to be our fault) 


4. Any complaint will be investigated by our quality control team and if required an external laboratory to identify an issue. The details of any such report will be sent to you - if the report demonstrates the fault resets with the company, we will reimburse you with your postage costs and send out a replacement free of charge.


It is important for both parties that the above instructions are followed - failure to abide the steps will render the complaint null and void.


As you will appreciate we take great pride in selling only the very best quality products, so any complaint is taken very seriously as it helps us to understand how we are performing and if we need to consider new alternative procedures.




It is essential that we as a company present the products as accurately as possible on the online platform. we would point out, dependent on the monitor and or colour capabilities these may create variances which are not exactly representative of the products. We wish to point out that images are for illustration purposes.