The finest fish for future generations.
The finest fish for future generations.
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About Us

You cannot beat the taste and velvety texture of real Scottish Smoked Salmon. Only Sutherlands of Portsoy, one of the oldest smoked salmon producers in Scotland, knows how to make that noticeable difference to the flavour of salmon compared with other Scottish Smokers.

Our salmon are sourced from fresh, fast-flowing waters and are fed on a natural diet that reflects their choice in the wild. This means a better texture and taste - before the traditional smoking process begins.

We work with quality suppliers, some of whom are monitored by the RSPCA and who hold Freedom Foods accreditation for care of their salmon......and we do care about our salmon! Only the best, carefully selected fish are used in the smoking process. This maintains our reputation for providing delicious smoked salmon to the highest standards - those set over 110 years.

Our smoking process developed by Sutherland of Portsoy since the early 1900’s is started as soon as possible after catch.

The process is bespoke and still remains a closely guarded secret, but there are basically two stages.

The fish are prepared for the kiln by hand salting. At this stage the freshest fish are used and careful handled to preserve the texture and appearance.

During stage two the salmon are placed in the kiln where smoke from the burning shavings of oak casks caress and penetrate the salmon flesh to give that special award winning Sutherlands of Portsoy flavour.

No artificial chemicals or preservatives are used.

The combination of the freshest salmon, hand crafted skills, experience and attention to detail, results in the production of the finest Scottish smoked salmon available.
All of our salmon products are now available for online purchase, bringing the wonderful taste of Sutherland’s to your doorstep.
For those closer to Portsoy please pop down and visit our shop where you can buy in person, and don’t forget, we are always available at the annual Portsoy Boat Festival which takes place every June.