D-Sliced Cold Smoked Steelhead Sea Trout Side 1Kg

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900 Grams

We source the best quality Steelhead trout from our supplier in Oban. We carefully select each fillet and hand salt them before smoking in our traditional kiln over locally sourced Oak Whisky barrel shavings to produce a product with an unique and delicate flavour.

A great alternative to traditional Smoked Salmon and one that is becoming more and more popular with our discening clientele. Try something a little different this Christmas

Serve traditionally with lemon, brown bread or butter or for the more adventurous amonst you, try warming up gently before serving on a toasted muffin with a freshly poached egg for a great weekend brunch.

Your 1kg side will comfortably serve 8-10 people if used as a starter or a breakfast option