What's next

Posted by John Farley on 30th Nov 2020

Once again, many thanks to everyone who has or who is about to use the online platform, after a successful launch two weeks ago we now feel we need to look to the future, which is why we intend to upgrade the shop and kitchen. 

As you can see from the architects perspectives the entire look of the building is about to change, we want this to become a destination, where not just local people can enjoy the benefit of a local fish and smoke house on their doorstep, but people from all over can come and see what we have to offer. The emphasis is on establishing ourselves as market leaders in our field, which is why we are investing heavily in a state of the art kitchen. The equipment which will be incorporated within the scheme will allow us to do small batch products, thus giving us significant scope to increase our core range. We believe in new product development being inclusive and transparent - if you are ever passing the upgraded facility, just pop in, its highly likely you will get the opportunity to try our latest creation, all we ask for in return is honest instant feedback. WE have identified the importance of such and appreciate  the contribution you will be making towards our continued development. Equally, you may feel you have a suggestion to make, we will look at everyone's ideas and evaluate them. In any product development there are many factors to consider and as you know health and wellbeing figure very strongly in our future plans.

We are considering having a launch date for the new project and will notify you through this blog