Welcome to the team Dilara Okut

Posted by John Farley on 23rd Feb 2021

As a company we produce a significant amount of fish waste, that  is either shipped to landfill or further processed by a third party for fertiliser or pet food. In the latter case we work to a set specification to ensure there is no cross contamination.

In business its easy to continue a practice if it works, instead of exploring other options which may deliver an even better result, which is exactly what we did just over a year ago.As a responsible food producer we identified we have a social and moral obligation to make better use of our waste.

With this in mind we connected with Giovanna Bermano from Robert Gordon University and were delighted to be awarded a KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership ) which is a two year project looking into fish waste. The project is supported by a first class team from Robert Gordon University of Dr Giovanna Bermano and Academic Team Lead Dr Kyari Yates.

We are delighted to welcome Dilara Okut to our team who will primarily be focused on the project ,but will add significant technical support to our existing team.

Dilara, who was one of three shortlisted candidates for the position was everyone’s choice after a second interview.

Dilara has moved to the north east with her husband, an electrical engineer, from her home in Turkey to take up the position.

Undaunted by the many challenges of moving so far from her home, Covid – self isolating on arrival and coming to terms with Scottish winter weather, she has settled into life in Portsoy, seeing this project and her time with us as a massive progression and opportunity in her career.

It is hoped that Dilara will grow to enjoy her new life and potentially take up a full time role with us.We feel the project is something which could be rolled out to the fish industry which would generate a commercialisation opportunity that Dilara would head up.