Posted by John Farley on 14th Dec 2020

Coming out of Covid, there are a few trending food topics surrounding nutrition and diet. Now more than ever before we are concerned with what we are eating and its effect on our overall well being.  As a company we identified this pre Covid, which is why we are proud of this online platform, because it goes into specific detail about the nutrition and health benefits of our products. To achieve this we enlisted the help of Rebecca Wagg RD who has given a comprehensive breakdown on each species fully referenced. We can't thank Rebecca enough, her attention to detail and professional presentation is exceptional. Going forward, the company has identified the need for new product development, but more than that, development with nutrition and diet at the forefront which is why we have retained Rebecca on the team. We will trial all products in the new state of the art kitchen which is currently under construction and report on this blog as they develop. 

We may have experienced one of the worst years in living memory because of the pandemic, but coming out of it we are determined to create products and dishes which don't contain additives and fundamentally better for all who eat them. It is a challenge to bring new products to market which differ from those currently available, it involves a mind set change as well as understanding why.