Japanese Film Crew

Posted by John Farley on 16th Dec 2020

Its not often you are asked if your business can be filmed for Japanese national TV, that said, we played host to a film crew who did just that. It appears the Japanese are keen to discover hidden Scotland, in particular, Portsoy, Sutherlands and Cullen, all of which fitted that brief. The team arrived at 6am this morning to film our entire day, from the fish being delivered to been packaged and out of the door and every process within. It is understood, this will form part of a travel documentary which will been seen potentially by 48,000 homes across Japan. 

Sutherlands is stepped in history and tradition, something the film has focused heavily on. Whilst under new ownership, the sixth generation Sutherland - Craig is employed by the company and the film crew were keen to demonstrate that family link. We were delighted to host the team who were very respectful of our hectic schedule in getting Christmas orders out and showed great patience in waiting between shots. The team will be returning on Friday to do some drone photograph alongside packaging and our core range. We would love to be able to share their work, but unfortunately copyright prevents this, we will however, share the still photographs when we receive them.