Factory Upgrade

Posted by John Farley on 9th Dec 2020

Since the initial launch of this online platform two weeks or so ago, the take up on sales has been fantastic and we thank everyone who has contributed to this and hope those of you just visiting will follow their lead. In our bid to be the first choice of customers, we identified earlier this year we needed to invest in upgrading some of the high value equipment used in our process. We are delighted to announce with the help of Aberdeenshire Council's 2020-21 Coastal Communities Challenge Fund we can now replace the baker's oven used for hot roasting and the blast chiller used in conjunction with the oven. This will enable us to not only ensure the constant and expected high quality of product sent out, but also allow us to develop a range of new associated products for launch in the spring of next year. The company sees the importance of being leaders in the field of innovation with fish which has significant health benefits as noted on the fish specific pages of this platform. We feel we have a moral and social responsibility to develop new products which have health benefits, especially as everything we produce has no additives. In thanking Aberdeenshire Council we would also like to extend our thanks to the fund co-ordinator Jamie Wilkinson for guiding us through the application process. The Press Release from Aberdeenshire Council is attached to this blog which gives more details. The company has a long term goal of expansion as well as a complete re development project which will be shown in later blogs