Eating Fish benefits Mental Health

Eating Fish benefits Mental Health

Posted by Dilara / JK on 18th May 2021

‘You are what you put into your belly’ they say. But some foods we eat also makes us what we think!

Fish and fish products are excellent source of many essential nutrients for our physical & mental health. They are rich in protein, vitamin D, omega-3 and minerals like iodine and selenium. Fish protein is high quality protein with lots of essential and functional amino acids which are vital for our life (1). It is not a coincidence that fish is said to be a brain food since it contains essential polyunsaturated fatty acids called docoexahexanoic acids (EPA), arachidonic acid (ARA) and eicosapentanoic acids (EPA) that helps for better brain functions. Besides this, proteins produce neurotransmitters which contributes to regular maintenance of our brain (2).

Sounds too much technical information to keep in mind? Do not worry, consuming fish may also help you with your memory as well! The diseases such as cognitive impairment and dementia are expected to increase with the aging of the populations. It is estimated that almost 10% of the Western populations over 65 ages old and 47% over 80 years old have dementia. According to scientific studies fats from fish and vegetables may help to maintain cognitive functioning or even prevent its failure (3)!

Did you also know that the reason of your sleepless night could be the Vitamin D deficiency?

Scientist think that nutrition may have an impact on our sleep. Recent studies have found out a possible relationship between vitamin D and sleep quality, sleep disturbances, and sleepiness during the day and fish consumption might have a positive effect on sleep and daily functioning (4, 5, 6).

Last but not least, according to the scientists, you can boost your mood with the consumption of foods rich in amino acids, especially tyrosine and tryptophan. One of the best ways to get these valuable amino acids is just eating fish! Eating itself is a joy for most people but eating fish may help you to cope with acute stress, get motivated, alter level of depression and pain sensitivity by increasing your level of serotonin (7, 8). Studies investigated that populations with high consumption of fish have lower reported rates of depression (9).

With all these mental health benefits plus various positive health effects, eating fish one or two times per week is suggested to for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. So, please check on our website to get your weekly mental boost and enjoy our delicious fish range. 

For more in depth information, have a look at the scientific papers listed below !

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