Challenging Times

Posted by John Farley on 20th Nov 2020

At the start of the pandemic, none of us could have foreseen what would play out. The ever changing restrictions being placed upon us as infection rates vary across the county makes normal living extremely challenging. However, whenever faced with a crisis we as a nation adapt very quickly as we are doing now. The emergence of online platforms across all sectors is evidence of this which has created a whole new shopping experience for all. Unaware of the impending pandemic, we were already creating a new platform when the virus struck and bizarrely our main focus has always been to promote the health and well being advantages of eating fish. I feel we have demonstrated within the text of the platform what we set out to do- we now want too go further and look at specifics, so keep looking at the blog posts. 

A week in with the platform and sales are beginning to gather momentum, pre Covid the very thought of virtual shopping wouldn't have been upper most on many peoples minds, but as a nation we appear to be having more virtual experiences than anything now. There is an ease associated with this type of transaction, coupled with more pressure on the seller to deliver what has been requested at a standard. One thing is for certain this type of transaction is here to stay.