6 Reasons why you should eat more FISH !

Posted by Dilara Okut - Project Manager on 22nd Jun 2021

With increasing health concerns and popular diets like Keto, it is not a new thing for most people that fish is one of the main dishes to have on their plates. Beside its delicious taste, do you really know why you should consume more fish?  The NHS recommends to include at least 2 portions of fish a week, including 1 of oily fish as part of a healthy and balanced diet. Here we list 5 reasons to add more fish to your diet !

Fish is a Natural Immune Booster

We all become obsessed with our immune systems since the start of COVID-19. Vitamins and immune support bills are being swallowed like gum these days. But maybe we should be looking at the real foods around us, like fish for our immune system! Oil rich fishes support normal immune functions with their high EPA and DHA contents which act as anti-inflammatory agents in the body. Fish are also rich in nutrients such such as selenium, zinc, vitamin B6 and copper that are known to support innumerable function.

Fish is a Heart Friendly Food

Another reason to increase fish consumption is that fish is a real supporter for cardiovascular system which helps us keep going. Seafood contain omega-3 fatty acids and also EPA and DHA which can help lower blood pressure, heart rate and improve cardiovascular function. Fishes rich in fatty acids are the ones known as oily fish such as salmon, sardines, trout, mackerel. Studies indicate that eating fish can help to decrease the risk of heart attach, stroke, obesity and hypertension.

Strengthen your bones with Fish

Good bone health is vital to reduce the health issues related to poor bone health such as rickets in early life and osteomalacia, which can lead to bone deformation and osteoporosis in late age which may lead to fractures in the elderly. Although genetics plays a major role in bone development and bone health, lifestyle and dietary factors are know to have a key role to play. Calcium and Vitamin D are critical nutrients for bone health and development which are found naturally found in fish. Oily fish is an excellent source of Vitamin D and the fish that are consumed with soft bones are good sources of dietary calcium.

Reduce the Oxidative Stress in your Cells

Antioxidants are the compounds that help to prevent oxidation by free radicals in the cells and to protect our body against oxidative stress and the advancement of sicknesses. These days, the use of natural antioxidants from food sources is getting popular due to the efforts to dissociate from the potential dangers posed by synthetic antioxidants. It is not a surprise that fish is the one of the main sources of natural antioxidants. Studies show that fish protein hydrolysates from fish species such as tuna, mackerel, sole and pollock have been found to exhibit antioxidant capabilities.

Fish is a Brain Food, Literally !

While folklore may claim that fish is brain food, there is indeed evidence that regular fish consumption supports normal brain development and health. Fish contains essential polyunsaturated fatty acid called docexahexanoic acids (EPA), ariachidoni acid (ARA) and eicosapentanoic acids (EPA) that help for better brain function.Fish proteins also produce neurotransmitters which contributes to regular maintenance of our brain. Also, you can boost your mood with the consumption of fish rich in amino acids, especially tyrosine and tryptophan.

Fish is delicious !

As well as all the important scientific points above, Fish is delicious !! hugely versatile and easy to cook.